Introducing GolfCross


A white, dimpled, grass-stained ball is nestled on the turf

A white, dimpled, grass-stained ball is nestled on the turf — a club poised behind it. This is such a familiar golfing scene that it takes a moment to realize there’s something odd about it. Suddenly it registers. The ball is oval like a football and, as you rapidly scan the rest of the image for an explanation, you see the goal posts in the distance. Then you smile.

When something we have been very familiar with all our lives is radically changed it’s always unsettling. It challenges our secure view of the world and we instinctively dismiss what we’re seeing as some kind of joke. We laugh, we shake our heads and then, in this crazy world, we move on.

This has been written in the hope that you’ll stay a little longer. Stay and discover the secrets of the oval golf ball and the game of New Zealand GolfCross®.

Remember, nobody believes that the oval ball is more controllable than a round one — until they hit it. Even we were not prepared for the distinctive high pitched hum that accompanies the spinning ball on its journey down the fairway. It seemed that a ball so smart itwould do what we asked and sing its own praises was just too good to be true. And every golfer is amazed to discover that all the control properties they’ve ever wanted have been hiding in the oval ball all the time. Even the golf ball makers are surprised.

Just think, if you can play an exciting round of golf with a ball that most would have considered completely unsuitable for the task, imagine what other new golfing challenges might be discovered in the future.